Welcome To Your Concern Line

Your Concern Line provides a confidential reporting system for teammates, contractors and business stakeholders to voice concerns about their workplace.

Your anonymity is guaranteed if you wish to remain anonymous. You can feel safe voicing your concerns without fear of reprisal or reprimand from co-workers or management.

Simply complete our online form.

If you choose not to remain anonymous, you may provide your name for follow up by Your Concern Line staff or a representative of the company you work with, whom has been chosen to receive confidential reports regarding the concerns that are submitted.

Whether you choose to remain anonymous, or wish to provide your name to be contacted, the key is to provide as much detailed information as possible about the incident or issue you are reporting so that a report can be filed by Your Concern Line to the designated representative within your company, allowing them the opportunity to address your concern in a confidential and timely manner.

Your Concern Line is your opportunity to report wrongdoings, concerns, breach of ethics, misconducts or crimes you witnessed at your workplace. A sample of concerns is provided below.

If you know of any issues in your workplace, we are here to help.





Safety / Security

Property Damage

Drug / Alcohol Abuse

Harassment / Violence